About me
I started my career in Biology. After spending a few years travelling and living abroad, I settled with my family back in France in the picturesque provincial village of Valbonne.

Enthusiastic, dynamic and patient I obtained a degree in FLE (a diploma to teach French as a foreign language) and started to teach French, my real passion, to foreigners living in the area.

About my method
After an initial meeting (free of charge) to evaluate your needs, the following classes will be
adapted to your level and expectations.

What is a typical lesson like?
First, we talk! Speaking is essential. The more you practice, the faster you improve! Each lesson is personally designed in order to fulfil your needs and interests. For example, you choose the topics you are interested in enabling you to express yourself with confidence in French.
During the lesson, I write down new vocabulary, phonetics, grammar points you struggle with.
Then, we go over the homework.
Finally, at the end of the session, we read the notes together.

Different kinds of learning material can be offered : CDs, articles from newspapers, official documents, books, songs etc.

My approach is to teach a very practical French, for everyday use in all circumstances of your French life.

About you
Whether you want to learn French for your own pleasure or for a specific goal, just remember that IT ’S POSSIBLE TO IMPROVE YOUR FRENCH !! What you need is motivation and determination and you can succeed! The more you get involved, the faster your learn! As for me, I guarantee to do my best so you can reach your objectives!